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Spine Health and Yoga Classes

Physical therapist Purnima Singh and yoga instructors Terry Schaff and Cathy Lilly and conduct a series of three series, each consisting of six classes for patients with back pain and disability. The series has individualized objectives for each participants. The focus is understanding the whole back including neck, shoulders, spine and sacroiliac joint -- and how to keep it all healthy and pain-free in the future. Participants do chair yoga and mat yoga.

Dr. Fishman, assisted by physical therapist Karen Donelson and yoga teacher Cathy Lilly, gives several yoga classes for patients with all orthopedic problems.

Cathy Lilly, E-RYT500
Cathy Lilly is a yoga therapist who assists Dr. Fishman, treating patients who have injuries ranging from low back pain to osteoporosis. Cathy teaches hatha yoga, pranayma and meditation. Outside teaching is geared to people who have cardiac problems, stroke or cancer. She is certified through Nischala's Joy Deve's program Yoga of the Heart, ISHTA, Yogaworks, yoga nidra trainings, plus principles learned from Dr. Fishman for people facing varied physical limitations. She encourages exploring yoga as a gateway to let go of the tense mind, body and breath so freedom that is our birthright can flow in.

Terry Schaff, ERYT and Registered Children's Yoga Instructor
Working with people with physical, mental and emotional challenges has been the focus of Terry's work. At Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Terry is known for her patient, careful attention to the needs of her patients and for her good humor. She has led yoga classes for people with Parkinson's Disease and other movement disorders and been employed by the City of Hudson and Columbia-Greene County Mental Health Association to work with at-risk children. She specializes in back pain, post-operative rehabilitation and geriatric problems. She also teaches yoga at Bard College.

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