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Our team of expert therapists crosses several modalities, with an emphasis on yoga. We also offer Alexander Technique, Medical Massage and other therapies, including Feldenkrais.


At Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation we treat people with both neurological and musculoskeletal problems that can be addressed by yoga. This work is done under the direction of Dr. Loren Fishman who has written numerous books and articles on the medical benefits of yoga.

Together with yoga therapist Terry Roth Schaff, the yoga therapy team at MPMR has been leading therapeutic yoga workshops at MPMR and at Kripalu based on the work at Manhattan Physical Medicine. These workshops are attended by members of the medical profession, yoga practioners, teachers and therapists along with people living with specific medical conditions that can be addressed by yoga.

Caryna Wong
Yoga Teacher & Director | Yoga Therapy Department

Caryna became interested in therapeutic yoga after dealing with a number of her own injuries and physical issues. Registered as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance she has been studying with Dr. Fishman and Terry Schaff since 2011. She also has studied with Alison West and is in the process of completing a 500-hour teacher training at Yoga Union. She assists Ms. Schaff and Dr. Fishman in therapeutic workshops at MPMR and at Kripalu. She incorporates the breath with a gentle approach combining restorative and structural techniques to help patients manage pain and attain greater mobility. She also teaches yoga in Westchester County and works with a psychiatrist using yoga to help treat emotional and mental issues using yoga.

DrPH Misa Kishi, MD
Massage Therapist and Public Health Specialist

Dr. Kishi studied medicine in her native Japan. After receiving her medical degree, she earned a doctorate in public health at Harvard University. Then she decided to focus on mind body medicine and practices, in particular yoga therapy and massage/bodywork. Dr. Kishi is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a licensed massage therapist in New York and Massachusetts. She joined Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2012 as a massage therapist and treats patients with acute and chronic pain. Dr. Kishi integrates a variety of modalities, in her massage, including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, and Orthopedic Massage Techniques.

Cathy Lilly
E-RYT500, Restorative Yoga Teacher

Cathy specializes in training patients who have injuries ranging from low back pain to osteoporosis. She has done yoga specialty training for prenatal, postnatal, addictions, early Alzheimer’s, cardiac, stroke and cancer issues. In 2001 yoga was the primary method she used to become pain free from her own lumbar herniation and cervical stenosis injuries and these experiences have allowed her to discern what modifications help individuals with similar problems. Patient Hal S says, “At my first class wirth Cathy she helped me alleviate a painful sciatica episode. Since then she has continued to help my recovery from my disabling conditions of spinal stenosis and herniated discs, correcting my posture and alignment and allowing me to move more freely and with a lot less pain.”

Gabriella Barnstone
Yoga Therapist

Gabriella has been working at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation under the guidance and tutelage of Dr. Loren Fishman since 2015. She is a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. She has trained with Alison West, Judith Lasater, Juliana Mitchell, Elise Miller, Stephanie Moonaz, and Leslie Howard, with special areas of study in back pain, scoliosis, prenatal yoga, arthritis, osteoporosis, and the pelvic floor. She continues to study asana in New York with Rodney Yee, and Therapeutics with Carrie Owerko. Both her personal and professional experiences have firmly grounded her in the belief that yoga is a healing art.


Kim Guzowski
Certified Alexander Technique teacher

Kim began studying the Alexander Technique (AT) as a required course in college 25 years ago. Through AT, Kim found that she could release muscles at will, work to heal her own injuries experience astounding lightness of movement. She continued her private study of Alexander beyond college and then after three years of training, became a certified Alexander teacher in 2001. As an Alexander Teacher who specializes in pain management and healing, Kim has worked with Dr. Fishman and Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since 2005. As part of the MPMR staff, Kim collaborates with doctors and therapists to help patients learn about movement patterns which cause their injuries and re-trains patients to move with a reduction of stress on their injured areas, helping patients to relieve pain and heal their injuries. She also helps patients to redesign their home and work places to be ergonomically beneficial.

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